​Blue Tie-dye & Digital Printing

As an ancient craftsmanship and a often-used decorated method, blue tie-dye plays an important role in the design field. Now, more and more people realize the importance of craftsmanship's revival, after searching and browsing many works of tie-dye, I realized that only we fuse blue tie-dye with the modern elements and tendency, the craftsmanship can be lasting and reserved. So, in this project, I dedicated to make modern and fashionable motifs to blend with the traditional blue tie-dye pattern. Then rejected the traditional time-consuming dyeing process but use the digital printing technology, which is more efficient and has higher quality.

At first, I made some blue tie-dyed samples which are mainly graphic and simple, and cater the tastes and demands of contemporary people.

Fabric: 70% cotton & 30% flax

Tools: treads, needles, clips, pins etc.

Dye: Indigo dye

Size: 20cm*20cm

Then I sketch basic motifs related to cosmos and  filled them with the texture of blue tie-dye I previously made. (The first image) These are my basic motifs of this collection. 


This collection is inspired by nature ( lotus ), a traditional asian flower, symbolized purity and beauty, I made lotus more graphic to cater more young people's taste.

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