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Designed three sleeveless knit product using knowledge of fiber, yarn, knit structure and pattern

Developed and created a product with an engineered knit structure in the APEX system, used 2D or 3D rending 

Finished the product with digital printing, embroidery, direct dyeing, beading, pleating etc.

Whole garment  knitting & dyeing: sleeveless

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Whole garment knitting & digital printing: sleeveless 

​Stitch sample : hand flat knitting machine

carrier information

plain stitch & 1*1 rib

1*1 rib

2*2 rib

3*3 rib


6*6 rib

 rib details

Jacquard knitting : circular machine​

Knitting Machine: Mayer CIE OVJA1.6E-3WT         
Machine Diameter 30 inch                                    
Fabric Type: 4 Color jacquard
Yarn: 100% cotton 30/1 for all yarn                        
Software: Lectra Kaledo Print  /   Lectra Kaledo knit    Machine Gage: 18 gauge
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